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The Smart Cookie Jar (BEST OF CES 2019)
With a lot of really cool products being revealed at CES there was one that was really cooking up a storm. The Smart Cookie Jar brought to you by Cookie Monstrosity incorporated was raisin hell within the home kitchen appliances section of CES 2019. Read Full Article
Hololens Version 2 Called Halo
Microsoft's AR headset the Hololens will be renamed Halo when it’s second version is announced at Microsoft conference build in may 2019. Read Full Article
FitBat From FitBit fights UnFitFat
FitBit have caused a racket this week when they announced the FitBat. An internet of things tennis bat that’ll pair with your smartphone and the fitbit app to keep track of your workouts. Read Full Article
Amazon Sucker Days
Did you miss Prime Day™? No problem Amazon have announced that they’ll be launching more massive sale days at other points of the year. “Sucker Days™” will be added alongside prime day in easter and autumn. Read Full Article
Uber's Self Driving Cars Try to Hit Lyft Customer
Uber’s new self driving car fleet has come under attack after it was revealed that their cars are purposefully trying to hit lyft customers. Read Full Article
Samsung To Offer Apple Folding Phone Tech
Samsungs long promised folding screen technology was due to make it to phones at the MWC next year. Read Full Article
Bethesda Sue Developers Over Similar Bugs.
Bethesda announced that it is suing thousands of indie developers on the google play store after they were found to have the same or similar bugs to those in there games. Read Full Article
The Best Book
With a slur of new books being released this year we decided to give you a run down of their core features and what we consider to currently be the defecto book for you. Read Full Article
iPhone 11 To Have Double Notch
Apple will be adding a second notch to the bottom of the phone to accommodate the return of the home button. Read Full Article
Not-A-Flamethrower to be protected by new amendment to bare legs
It was announced today that legislation will be brought before Congress to make it illegal for states to outlaw the ownership and purchasing of Flamethrowers. Read Full Article
Smart Luggage Causes Bomb Scare
Earlier this month several big brands of smart luggage announced they were folding up as major US airline banned their lithium-ion battery. One company that manage to avoid the ban has now found themselves in another spot of bother, after the smart case wandered away. Read Full Article
Snap To Release Camera Shoes
Following the unrivaled success of Snap Spectacles last year, Snap has just announced version 2 as well as their newest offering, Snap Shoes. Read Full Article
Amazon Introduces Dash a Lawyer
Amazon is expanding it’s Dash button lineup by offering newer larger scale purchases as well as selective services. Read Full Article
Google Employees Resign over D&D Project
More than a Dozen employees at Mountain View, CA have handed in their notice after it was announced that Google are working on an Artificial Intelligence project for D&D. Read Full Article
TappLock "It's a Feature"
TappLock has responded to claims that its crazy easy to hack smart lock downfalls by stating it’s a feature of the $100 lock. Earlier this week 3 major security holes were discovered with the lock. TappLock has now responded saying that many are intentional or something that can’t be accounted for, they say additional features are likely to be found be the community in the coming weeks and have published a helpful list. Read Full Article
Scientist have just published a draft paper claiming that typing on a mechanical keyboard can substantially lower your life expectancy. Read Full Article
PS4 Fortnite Segreagation Laws To Be Eased
Sony are taking heat about cross play between consoles in fortnite. In a recent statement they've announced they'll allow cross play with switch but NOT XBOX Read Full Article
Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed 2024
Bethesda Software confirmed on Sunday that Elder Scrolls 6 would be released on March the 25th 2024 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the release of the first game Arena in 1994. Read Full Article
PHP 9 or PHP X?
PHP, the language made famous for how hard it is to hire credible developer, has started to discuss the name of it’s next major release. The current release PHP 7 having just turned 2 replaced PHP 5 after the decision was decided to skip PHP 6 and now it would appear they’ve decided to skip PHP 8 as well. Read Full Article
Bitcoin Coming To Starbucks
Starbucks to start accepting bitcoin to please hipsters and aid in tax avoidance. Read Full Article