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TappLock "It's a Feature"
20 Jun 2018 08:13:41
TappLock has responded to claims that its crazy easy to hack smart lock downfalls by stating it’s a feature of the $100 lock. Earlier this week 3 major security holes were discovered with the lock. TappLock has now responded saying that many are intentional or something that can’t be accounted for, they say additional features are likely to be found be the community in the coming weeks and have published a helpful list.

Here is a breakdown of the locks vulnerabilities and the reasons they were included

The Back twists off allowing you to open the lock: “Is required to replace the battery, a must with smart locks as there is no other way to open the lock when the Battery runs out.”
You can unlock it over bluetooth with the mac address: “Purposefully designed incase you lose your finger to a rabid squirrel. You can simple download an app that’ll let you get back in.”
Personal Data can be got by connecting with bluetooth: “This is in case your lock goes missing, parties can get your name and address to ship it back to you. In order to do this fairly it’ll also give out your payment information so they can pay for the shipping.”
No notch in shackle allowing prying with a screwdriver: “On purpose, in case you get locked out and a traditional locksmith needs to be able to get in.”
Social Notification updates: “We’re adding a new feature to let people know when you use the lock, this is to increase the awareness of the brand but to also let thieves know what when you’re not around you’re protected by TappLock!”
It Opens when wet: “If any of the internals get wet, then the lock will instantly unlock itself and shut itself off. We do this to protect the battery as it’s likely to explode if it gets wet. We unlock the lock because we know if you’ve chained your bike up at work you don’t want you to have to call a locksmith or a taxi.”

Well that certainly clears everything up, we’re not confident to protect our server cage with it and will buy a box of them at the bankruptcy auction in a few months.