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Snap To Release Camera Shoes
27 Jun 2018 07:49:42
Following the unrivaled success of Snap Spectacles last year, Snap has just announced version 2 as well as their newest offering, Snap Shoes.

Snap Spectacles, a wearable camera that takes a picture or video from your perspective and uploads it to Snapchat went on sale last year in vending machines around the world. At the time there were concerns that they’d be used to invade the privacy of others. “It’s been a year and we haven’t been sued, I think we can safely say there aren’t any real privacy concerns. Just a bunch of liberals kicking up a fuss for no good reason.” The companies Data Protection Officer said at the launch. “We think the same fuss will be kicked up with the shoes, but at the end of the day invading someone’s privacy doesn’t really cause them any harm.”

The shoes, which come in various Men & Women's variations are water resistant, feature a 14mp camera with zoom and can record up to 15 minutes of video at 1080p. They have a standby battery life of 72 hours. The shoes can be controlled via your phone or by clicking the heels together. “Clicking your heels is an important feature for our customers, it will allow them to claim the camera accidentally went off.”

The largest market for the product is Men over 40 in Japan where Analysts at investment bank SceqYew said expected sales should more than double Snaps investment in to the product. Japan is also known for selling questionable items within vending machines that offer a level of anonymity to the purchaser. Liberal Stacy Collins stated “This is just another appealing feature brought to us by a soleless company.” Not any more Ms Collins, not any more.

We weren’t able to get our hands on the first generations of SNAP spectacles due the high demand, but will be pre ordering the new pair that is due to hit floors in the next few months.