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Samsung To Offer Apple Folding Phone Tech
11 Jul 2018 12:11:39
Samsungs long promised folding screen technology was due to make it to phones at the MWC next year. However it appears that it has now been delayed as the company is fearful the technology won’t be popular enough until it’s chief competitor, Apple, has already done it.

Samsung for years has been dragging behind Apple, but just as it looks to have got ahead with a technology innovation it’s looking to give away that advantage. According to 9to7Mac “Samsung has been bitten before. When they released the Samsung Gear Watch in 2013 there was little hype and very little interest, sales figures almost killed project, however when Apple released their Apple Watch a year and a half later Samsung Gear sales rocketed.”

Currently Apple buys parts from Samsung for it’s phones and it’s possible Samsung will offer the technology to Apple to ensure sales of it’s S11 “book” in 2020 will get off to a great start. “We’re not expecting Apple to be able change their plans iPhone X2 so we’ll expect the iPhone X3 in 2019 to make use of the technology.” Analyst Paul Douglas added. If true it’s likely that Samsung will be hoping for Apples release in September 2019 to go well to spur sales on release in March 2020 following MWC.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the rumors about the Samsung “Book” and will hopefully get our hands on one at release.