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PHP 9 or PHP X?
11 Jun 2018 18:02:43
$title = ‘PHP 9 or PHP X?’;

$body = ‘PHP, the language made famous for how hard it is to hire credible developer, has started to discuss the name of it’s next major release. The current release PHP 7 having just turned 2 replaced PHP 5 after the decision was decided to skip PHP 6 and now it would appear they’ve decided to skip PHP 8 as well.

The decision was apparently made to avoid confusion when saying PHP 8 outloud. It was feared that because it sounds similar to “PHP Ate” and sound similar to the common phrases  “PHP Ate My Soul” and “PHP Ate My Life and Destroyed my Marriage, What did she mean not a serious language???”. The decision was made that it would be safer to skip 8 and go straight to 9.

Or would it? There are rumors that an RFC coming from Andrea Faulds and Zeev Suraski in coming weeks will propose going straight to PHP 10 or PHP X. The reasons for this appears to be it is now the done thing in the industry to skip the number 9, with Microsoft and Apple leading the way.

So will be jumping from PHP 7 to 10? Did 7 really eat 9? Will 10 become X and add some much needed coolness factor to lure the kids into coding? Time will tell.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the RFC and will report back on our thoughts when it does.’;

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