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Hololens Version 2 Called Halo
25 Jul 2018 08:03:46
Microsoft's AR headset the Hololens will be renamed Halo when it’s second version is announced at Microsoft conference build in may 2019.

The Halo edition will feature cortana integration built into the headset as well as a raft of new features. Microsoft is apparently playing around with the idea of a permanent heads up display for users. Featuring a radar in the bottom left corner of your vision showing other life signs in the immediate area, as well as showing your vital signs.

Microsoft has apparently partnered with SwissGear the Watch and more importantly backpack maker to integrate their backpacks with the unit. As well as providing a backup battery and additional processing units the backpacks will also be able to detect with the fibers the contents of the bag and relay it to the headset. The headset will then be able to tell you in real time the contents of your bag as well as the items currently in your hand.

Rumors are also flying around about a partnership with the weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin for applying the headset for military purposes. Industry experts suggest that the headset maybe able to keep track of your ammo and artificially impose a tracer round effects to shots fired in the field.

We’re hoping to get our heads on the Halo early next year and will update you with our views of it.