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FitBat From FitBit fights UnFitFat
20 Jul 2018 08:27:54
FitBit have caused a racket this week when they announced the FitBat. An internet of things tennis bat that’ll pair with your smartphone and the fitbit app to keep track of your workouts.

The top of the range product will retail at $599, aimed at professionals the technology uses sensors within the handle to track movement. It also tracks the tension of the strings to work out how a ball was hit and from what direction. It hopes to provide high end analytics to coaches and players. Via the net you’ll be able to customize the bat with various different frames and handles, making it suitable for other sports such as badminton & squash.

The company will also serve up an entry level FitBat called the FatBat Ace aimed at those looking to lose weight. Retailing for $199 the FatBat is simply a modified FitBit Ace (Fitbit’s fitness band for kids) with a smaller elasticated band. You simply slip the band over the handle of the racket and it’ll do the rest.

The product has been received badly by some, with professional tennis coach Jennifer Ramos saying “This idea is such a mega deuce”. While analysts have given the company a backhanded compliment “This could be the first grand slam for the company.”

The app will use the data collected to track calories burned, but also to provide more tailored notifications from the app to encourage you to exercise;

“Your serve is as soft as Mr Whippy, you better practice!”

“0 Tennis? Pick up your bat.”

“It’s Ten-ish, time to play!”

“Congratulations! You have a new match!”