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Bethesda Sue Developers Over Similar Bugs.
9 Jul 2018 12:11:39
Bethesda announced that it is suing thousands of indie developers on the google play store after they were found to have the same or similar bugs to those in there games. Bethesda claim that they originally came up with these game breaking experiences and therefore it’s there intellectual property.

They claim that many of these bugs can be found in the Elder of the Scroll and Fallout series. They also say that they weren’t in fact bugs, made evident by the lack of bug patches and fixes, but were in fact features. Otherwise, they argue, they would have removed these “game” experiences when they became apparent, 5, 10 or 20 years ago.

Among the “features” bethesda is claiming to own are;

1) Friendly NPC factions turning on each other in a fight to the death due to a stay blow or arrow. Especially in the middle of a main story quest line.

2) Being able to play, survive and complete a shooting game in a post apocalyptic world as a baby

3) NPC’s disappearing from the game entirely.

4) Quest Items disappearing from the game entirely.

5) Extreme lag when opening your inventory on certain platforms.

6) Being able to loot a corpse from a random body part like a hand. Even if the rest of the body and items has been destroyed

7) Bucketing an NPC and them not removing it, then stealing everything from their house.

8) Every physics bug that has ever existed

9) Chickens reporting crimes to the guards

JubbleLubble Developer of Crime Fighting Nuclear Baby was one of the developers targeted. “I’ve never played Skyrim before, I had no idea my game was the same.” When we corrected him, “SEE, I have no idea.”