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iPhone 11 To Have Double Notch
4 Jul 2018 12:23:12
The Apple 2018 update of the iPhone X, rumored to be returning to the traditional numeric naming system, the iPhone 11 will according the sources have a second notch in the screen. They will be adding a second notch to the bottom of the phone to accommodate the return of the home button. The move is apparently in response to the chief complaint of the lack of a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone X.

The news comes from a factory employee in Shanghai who managed to smuggle an early prototype out of the factory. As the employee risks losing his $1.60 an hour job we’ve chosen to withhold his identity. In the past Apple has been accused of being too heavy handed with how they deal with leaks, having apparently used excessive force with a large wrench to put an end to them.

The second notch is expected to be welcomed by their customers who are cited as loving losing part of a video to a black cut out in the iPhone X. The Cupertino firms notch has been copied on a wide range of phones over the past 6 months with one industry expect quoted as saying it was a revolutionary breakthrough in customer asininity.

Time will tell if the double notch will fill a gap in the market or be a notch botch. As always we’ll be covering the Apple event so check back next week when we slightly update this article to improve our search rankings with the expected date.