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The Smart Cookie Jar (BEST OF CES 2019)
14 Jan 2019 08:51:24
With a lot of really cool products being revealed at CES there was one that was really cooking up a storm. The Smart Cookie Jar brought to you by Cookie Monstrosity incorporated was raisin hell within the home kitchen appliances section of CES 2019.

The jar promises to keep your cookies safe from wandering hands, be it naughty children, fat middle aged husbands, babysitters or Carol in accounting. With several high tech security features you’ll keep your cookies safe it could be the most important invention to mankind since the pet rock. To access the biscuit goodness you need your Cook-Key an app on your phone or watch that you hold close to the Jar.

Once open the lid flips back and admits a high pitched whistle that can only be heard by young children and animals. In addition the lid contains a camera that’ll snap a picture of the snacker and send it to your phone.

The barrel also contains a set of scales that it will use to judge your eating habits. When it senses you are 3 days away from cookie starvation it’ll automatically place an order for more.

To grab one though you’ll have to be willing to spend some dough, at $199.99 the device costs a small fortune.