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PS4 Fortnite Segreagation Laws To Be Eased
15 Jun 2018 08:22:08
Epic Games Epic Game Fortnite available on PC, Xbox, PS4, Mobile and the Switch allows players to play with users on other platforms apart from on the PS4 where users can only play with PC and Mobile users. Sony so far has held back the ability because “We don’t want our players having a bad experience, we find that stopping our players ‘mixing’ with Microsoft players provides our users with a purer experience.”

The announcement at E3 that fortnite would be coming to switch and users would be able to play against Xbox fans but not playstation players was seen as a pan to the face of consumers. Sony has therefore had to reconsider their stance. In a statement by Sony Interactive Entertainments Head of Segregation, Nakagawa Takeji said; “We’re always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience. We’re therefore going to allow our players to interact and mingle with our Japanese brethren over at Nintendo. We still don’t think the community understands what’s best for it, so we’re still not going to allow those dirty halo lovers to play with our users.”

This is not the first game that this has happened with, Sony so far has resisted cross play in Rocket League and Minecraft with the XBOX and Switch, while allowing players to engage with the PC. In the battle royale of consoles market Sony’s closed off approached aimed at hobbling the competition might leave it outside the ever shrinking circle of customer tolerance for intercompany wars hurting consumers.